Our cheeses

First of all, cordial thanks to all the people who in the past have somehow found their way to us (and to those who still will!), especially all the interested, courageous, usually friendly and well-meaning cheese customers, guests and visitors who wanted the experience of tasting our special cheeses.
After tasting them, most people usually also want to share the experience with friends and acquaintances. In this way, our cheese has become by word-of-mouth very famous in Poland (but not only there). This has brought us always the customers we need to make possible our financial survival in this relatively poor rural region, and motivates us to continue and persevere.

Our cheese production

For contented customers, one needs tasty cheese. Its production actually begins already out-of-doors, on the pastures, meadows and fields, because the basic requirement for really good cheese is good-quality, varied and organically cultivated fodder, enriched with many naturally-growing herbs.

Also the seasons, climate and weather have an influence on a cheese's taste and consistency. As does, naturally, the kinds and races of the milk-producing animals. We have contented, healthy cows and goats which, feeding on this fodder, produce especially tasty milk.
Twice daily, and with a lot of personal contact, we milk our animals. After the fresh milk has been filtered and cooled, and a certain maturation period passed, we begin the actual production process which differs with kind of cheese we want to make.

During our first three years, we processed only goat's milk, and mainly for "cottage-cheese". Then from 1996/97 on, with the addition of cows to our farm, we started to produce hard and semi-hard "Swiss-type" cheese.
Fortunately we have never been without customers, so that we usually run out of cheese! The limitations posed by the hard work of cheese-making, the size of our cellar and even of our cheese kettle, as well as the climate-related shortage of fodder, have never allowed us to produce more than 1-1.5 tons of cheese yearly.

Our cheese varieties

Semi-hard and hard cheeses:
These full-fat cheeses are made from a mixture of unpasteurized cow and goat's milk. The mixture ratio depends on the year and season and can vary from 100% goat's milk (rarely) to 100% cow's milk (the last cheeses of autumn), but the average is 1/4 to 1/3 goat's milk. Practically each cheese has an individual taste and consistency, but all have an unmistakable character that makes them our unique "Bachanowo Cheese".
Consistency and taste range from a mild, soft Tilsiter/Vacherin type, to a strong and spicy Gruyere/Alpkaese, all the way to a hard, especially aromatic, Parmesan- or Sbrinz-like hard cheese. The cheese wheels weigh 3-3.7 kg. They need to mature at least 7 weeks, but reach full maturity and flavour only after 3-6 months, with the hard cheeses needing from 6 up to 12 months.

Because our Swiss cheeses are solid and storable for a long time, they can also be sent by post (to Poland, Switzerland and Germany).

Bachanowo Mozzarella:
This mild, lightly salted, full-fat fresh curdled cheese is usually also made from a cow- and goat-milk mixture. It keeps well at room temperature (cool but not refrigerated) problem-free up to several weeks. It is superb in warm and cold cuisine in various ways: it can be roasted, baked, melted and as desired spiced and peppered, or simply eaten fresh (room- or sun-warmed, not fridge-cold) with for example salads and bread, soups, fried potatoes or cooked vegetables - an authentic delicacy for all true gourmets, healthy-food lovers and vegetarians! During the summer season we produce practically only this cheese.

Fresh goat-milk cheese:
From 100% goat's milk. We make this full-fat spreadable cheese mainly during the warm tourist season - from May to September - or on special order. We make it lightly salted or with garlic, herbs and spices. It tastes best simply on bread.
Beside our cheeses, we make full-fat natural yogurt from pure cow's milk, which we sell occasionally or by special order. The largest part of our cheese production we sell directly at the farm. As conditions permit (time, cheese supplies etc.) we can also send some cheese types by post. To order please send a written letter, e-mail or telephone us. Pre-payment is required to our bank account. For regular customers we also send by cash-on-delivery or on account. Prices for foreign orders must be negotiated individually.

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